Copenhagen Marathon
Photo: Sparta

Copenhagen Marathon 2018/2019

Copenhagen Marathon
Copenhagen Marathon takes place every year in May. The event has since its initial race in 1980 grown to be a highly anticipated annual tradition for both runners and spectators.

The 31st version of the race on 22 May 2011 set yet another record as the number of finishers were the highest ever. 9,209 runners completed the 42 kilometers on the streets of Copenhagen. In 2012, a record-breaking number of 12,300 runners took to the streets. 

Copenhagen Marathon takes place on a spectator-friendly course as the route consists of three parts of which the first and the third are almost identical. This means that the watching fans on several spots along the course get a chance to cheer the passing contestants more than once. Apart from roaring and howling supporters, the marathoners will be pushed forward by numerous bands and dancers making the event look as much like a samba festival as a marathon. 

The route will start and finish in front of the Royal Library’s building, The Black Diamond, by the waterfront and close to the parliament building. From here it runs through several of Copenhagen’s various districts passing some famous landmarks along the way. About 8km of the course runs along the waterfront where the usual busy bustle will be even livelier in honour of the occasion. The overall impression of the course is flat. The highest point will occur around the 20K-mark, where the street reaches 15 m above ground level. 

Registration and additional information on the marathon can be found at the official Copenhagen Marathon website here